If you live in northern Dayton Nevada, or other parts of the Upper Midwest, you know that the region’s weather can be unpredictable-and harsh on your family’s home! Your property’s roofing system is one of the main lines of defense you have against the elements, and the team at GOMEZ ROOFING LLC can ensure that your next roofing installation project is handled with the utmost care and respect.

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Not all roofing problems require a completely new roof. Many problems can be solved with a repair. Repairs are a common offering from any roofing contractor and make up a large percentage of a contractor’s projects.  We will not “convince” you of a new roof when a repair is sufficient. Diagnosis is the most important part of any roof repair job, and most problems can be properly diagnosed by a qualified and knowledgeable roofer.

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Roofing repair and Installation f you need roof repair service in Dayton Nevada and 40 miles around we can help. Our roofing contractors can take care of all your roof repair or replacement needs regardless of what type of roof you have

There is a big difference between restoring and repairing. You might be able to get something to work with a repair, but restoring an item properly is an art form.

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We provide free preventative maintenance inspections for leaks, cracks and wood rot. Give us a call for a free roof repair estimate or replacement. Roof tune-ups and maintenance can prolong the life of your current roof.

We provide complete roofing services, including roof removal and clean up. All our work is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee for workmanship

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Thinking of buying or selling? Consider having a full roof analysis before issues arise in escrow.

Buyer: Request Report Analysis or call us at: 775 220 4668

Seller: Make sure your home is ready for scrutiny. Get a professional opinion before your home inspections.

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We provide complete removal and replacement of residential and commercial roofs in all materials, including:

Flat roof systems

Concrete, clay and stone coated steel tile roofs

Asphalt fiberglass composition shingles

Standing seam metal roofs

Wood Shakes

Wood shingles

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