Most roofers use a total price

You will then receive a quotation with a clear summary of the fixed costs and average prices (e.g. per square meter) for the work to be done. This method gives you more certainty up front about the total cost of the roofing job. An overview of some common roofing jobs and their target prices.

GOMEZ ROOFING LLC is the nationally operating roofing company in the United States and one of the strongest players in the U.S. roofing industry. For all your membrane, plastic and bituminous roofing systems. With nationwide coverage, we are mainly active in the field of planned maintenance, renovation or replacement of various types of roofing systems on flat and slightly pitched roofs, from small to very large projects. We are also strong in the field of service and leak troubleshooting.

Gomez Roofing LLC
Gomez Roofing LLC

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“I’ve been a contractor for more than 10 years and I’ve seen it all. And I know the right products for the right job,” says GOMEZ ROOFING LLC. “I only partner with brands that share my core values: quality, integrity and trust.

We have specialized employees, who together guarantee high quality and optimal service, (spread all over the country) provide sustainable solutions of the highest standard every day. All our employees follow a permanent training of each household with a great experience that we get from each of them, we are also affiliated to our roofing trade association, and work according to the standard, our company is one hundred percent certified, insured and licensed, in each of our projects.

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The name says it all: we have an optimal solution for every roof. Gomez Roofing LLC has become a proven partner in the construction and renovation industry. We make even the most challenging projects watertight with speed, discipline and the right skills.

As a roofing company on Dayton Nevada, we offer roofing services throughout the area within 40 miles, but also in we take absolute quality as our starting point and ultimate goal.

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As a trusted synthetic roofing

Specialist in the Dayton Nevada area, Gomez Roofing LLC performs a variety of high-quality jobs. We work with a well-prepared team day and night to re-waterproof your roof. Our team is well trained and experienced in everything that a complete roof involves. After all, a good, solid roof overhead is an asset that should not be underestimated. In our work you can think of everything from the renovation and maintenance of old flat roofs to the creation of completely new roof surfaces.

Gomez Roofing LLC distinguishes itself from other roofing companies with its thorough professionalism and custom solutions. Roofs are not uniform by definition and often require a flexible and intelligent approach. Joe Gutierrez Roofing has the expertise and state-of-the-art materials and techniques to ensure that jobs are completed as agreed.

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